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Upcoming Litters 2015
SCL's Sugar Magnolia x FC Nan-Dool's Elwood Blues
Maggie was bred January 10 to FC Nan-Dool's Elwood Blues for an all chocolate litter expected to whelp March 11 and would be 7 weeks old April 29, 2015.
Maggie whelped 2 males and 4 females 3-11-2015 1 EIC carrier male and 1 EIC carrier female available
This could be one of the all time great chocolate litters. Sugar Magnolia is a litter mate of NAFTCH-FC-AFC-FTCH-AFTCH Upon the Wings Of An Answered Prayer(Ammo) and 3.5x GMPR Roux's Golden Diamond in the Rough MH QAA. Ammo was the High Point Derby dog in 2009 and shattered the all time record for points earned. The previous record was held by Candlewood's Tanks A Lot(Lottie) who went on to win the NFC 3 times. Ammo just won the Canadian Amateur National Championship Field Trial in mid July of 2014 making her the most titled chocolate Labrador in the history of field trials. She is also the high point amateur dog for 2014 setting and new record with 95 points combined Amateur and All Age and finished second in All Age high points. She also won 4 doubleheaders stting yet another new record. Some pros are saying Ammo may be one of the best if not the best Labrador of any color to ever to run field trials. Ammo weighs 48 pounds. Maggie is a beautiful dark chocolate, well muscled Lab with great drive, nose, marking ability, and disposition. She weighs 56 pounds. Her first two litters have produced puppies that have easily earned hunt test titles and made the Derby list. Pups from these litters also earned QAA titles. They also were natural hunters with some hunting well at 5 and 6 months of age. The breeder 2011 NFC Watermark's Running back kept pick of the litter female puppy from her second litter sired by FC HRCH Watermark's Texas Welcome MH and has suggested that we repeat that breeding. Another pup from that litter was entered in 14 Derby field trial stakes in 2013/2014 and placed in 12 of them and was amateur/owner trained and handled. This pup was also the only pup to complete the 4th series in two stakes. A puppy from her first litter won a Derby stake beating the eventual high point Derby Dog of the Year and made the Derby list. Maggie has been a natural to train and has the most aggressive water entry we have seen. She is fearless and always gets the task done. She pointed the first upland bird she saw and her litters have all pointed also while excelling in the water too. Maggie is OFA hips- Good /elbows- normal, CERF is current, and CNM Clear. Maggie is an EIC carrier. Her first two litters produced "Derby List" and QAA pups and we expect no less from this litter. Her puppies from all of her litters have pointed as well. maggie has no titles. We encountered employment issues through the long recession and had to cease all spending during Maggie's prime years to train and compete. FC Nan-Dool's Elwood Blues is one of few chocolate FC's in history. His parents were both national finalists. After a short career in the derby stake Elwood had a total of six points and four jams. When he turned two he was entered in the Qualifying stake and won the Central Minnesota Retriever Club's licensed trial in May 1997, three days before his third birthday. He placed 2nd in a licensed Open in July of 1997 with Bill Fabian as the handler. Bill described Elwood as "loaded with talent, tractable and trainable." In 1999 Elwood stayed home to sire a few litters then went south for February and March with Dave Rorem to California. While in California Dave trained at Rex Carr's training grounds. On the return from California Elwood ran three Open stakes with a JAM and a Reserve JAM. At a seminar given by Dave Rorem (trainer of several CNFC's) Elwood was used for the demonstrations. At the seminar Dave told the audience he would love to have a "truckload of Elwoods". Elwood is a hard going dog that that has a strong desire to please. Elwood's ancestors include: FC AFC River Oaks Way-Da-Go Rocky, NAFC FC AFC River Oaks Rascal, NAFC FC AFC River Oak's Corky, NFC NAFC FC AFC Super Chief(in both sides of the pedigree), FC AFC Volwood's Ruff and Reddy. FC AFC Raider's Piper Cub, FC Canis Major's River Bear, FC CFC Triple Echo, FC AFC Trumarc's Raider, among many others. You just won't find that kind of pedigree in a chocolate male Labrador. Elwood is OFA Good, EIC clear, and DNA registered. The puppies will come with a 28 month of age health warranty for hereditary hip, elbow, and eye issues. The litter will be micro chipped and then EIC tested. Each puppy will come with a certified copy of it's EIC test report. None of the pups in the litter will actually have EIC(Exercise Induced Collapse) but some of the pups may carry one copy of the gene that causes it. It is only an issue for those who are going to breed their dog. For more information on EIC click on the following link: EIC Info. These puppies are $2000-$2500 depending on M/F, EIC carrier/non carrier, plus sales tax(unless shipped) of 6.85%. Multiple deposits for EIC clear females and the stud owner will keep pick of the litter EIC clear male for the stud fee. EIC clear females will command the highest price followed by clear males. Deposits are $100 and are refundable if your choice is not available in the litter. Deposits are also transferable to another litter. 28 month of age hereditary hip and eye warranty.
Maggie puppies
Trigg AKH SH and Derby list owned and handled by Monte Bochart as an amateur trainer/handler. Trigg is from Maggie's first litter. He earned his QAA title 8-29-2014. Trigg was sired by MPR RattlinRidge's Bronco Bill MH.
Angus with his first place ribbon and his 3rd and 4th place ribbons in January 2014 Derbies. Angus finished his Derby career with 12 placements in the 14 stakes he ran in and made the Derby list. Almost all of these stakes were run in the winter in OK, TX, and LA against the best dogs and pros in the USA. On 8-29-2014 Angus earned his QAA title at 29 months of age. Angus is from Maggie's second litter sired by FC HRCH Watermark's Texas Welcome MH.
Angus and Trigg placed 1 & 2 in an AKC Qual Aug. 29, 2014 to earned their QAA titles.
RattlinRidge's Outlaw Josey Wales SH" JoJo" from Maggie's first litter sired by MPR RattlinRidge's Bronco Bill MH
We will not have any puppies other than the Daisy-Cope yellow males available until spring litters are here. We plan to breed multiple litters in the coming months during late winter and into spring/summer. We will breed Maggie, Stella, Roisin, and Blaze. Blaze is a chocolate factored black female, OFA hips Good/elbows normal, Eye CERF normal, out of the Maggie litter sired by FC HRCH Watermark's Texas Welcome MH. Good looking, training very well, and becoming everything we expected when we bred the litter. Look for her page to be added to the site in the near future.
Kiera was bred to bred to Cope for a black and yellow litter ready to go home Dec. 20, 2014. Kiera whelped her litter 11-1-2014. The litter is sold out!
SCL's Tandragee Kiera Flash was bred to HR GMPR Swift Creeks Wanna Dip SH ANC for a black and yellow litter out of two proven producers of excellent Pointing Labradors. Kiera is out of two of our all time best dogs JJ and Liza and has more than fulfilled our expectations for her. EIC clear, OFA hips good/elbows normal, CERF normal. Her first litter produced excellent pups that pointed upland birds and excelled in the water also. Good drive in the field and great dogs in the house as well. She comes from the best bloodlines in Ireland and England and her American side is Hall of Fame. Kiera has the complete package of traits that Labradors used to have. Nose, marking, disposition, intelligence, biddable, conformation,etc. Cope may be the most titled yellow Labrador in America having titles in at least 7 different testing organizations as well as 3 national titles. AKC SH with MH passes before being returned to Tournament hunting. He is the absolute real deal on upland birds or waterfowl. He is the reincarnation of our Guinevere who was our once in a lifetime Labrador, having a nose that detected birds at over 200 yards in competition. Guin passed her traits to her puppies and Cope does also. 28 month of age warranty on hereditary hip/eye issues. Pups are $1000 with a $100 deposit holding your spot in the picking order.
Daisy's litter was born Sept. 2, 2014 and will be 7 weeks old October 21, 2014.
Daisy whelped her litter of 8 yellow puppies. 4 males and 4 females. Yellow males available that will be started dogs.
Glenbriar Primrose(Daisy) was bred to 3X NCH-GMPR Swift Creeks Wanna Dip SH(Cope) for an all yellow EIC clear litter. Daisy is a small Irish Labrador we brought back from Ireland in 2010 from Glenbriar Labradors. Glenbriar has what we feel are the best old true line bred line of Labradors left in the world. They have produced 10 National Field Trial Champions(NFC's). Daisy is clear of EIC, CNM, and PRA. Her hips are OFA excellent and elbows normal. Daisy is 19 inches at the withers and weighs 42 pounds. She is an excellent retriever with a natural hold and marks very well. She has a very good nose and a happy disposition. Great drive in the field but quiet and calm in the house. She is our third Glenbriar Lab and will not be our last as we plan to return to Ireland in 2015 and bring home another puppy. Cope is a great male with the complete package. He may be the most titled Labrador in the United states and is a product of our breeding program. He is a Grandmaster pointing Lab but has also won national titles in 3 different testing organizations and high titles in 7 organizations as well as Dog of the Year awards. He is a hunting machine in the upland field and is great in the water as well. Excellent disposition with great drive in the field but quiet in the house. Great looking with excellent conformation. OFA excellent, elbows normal, CERF normal, and EIC clear. Both Daisy and Cope trained very easily. 28 month of age warranty for hereditary hip, elbow, and eye issues. $100 deposit will hold your spot in the picking order. The puppies are $1000 each.
Rosie-Cope Repeat Litter
Glenbriar Roisin was bred March14, 2014 and the litter whelped May 14 and will go home around July 2, 2014.
All black litter is sold out!
Litter Photos (2013 litter) Photos of the 2014 litter will replace these after the litter whelps and will be updated weekly.
We waited 4 years to breed this litter the first time. We anticipated great things from it and the reports on the pups is great. A pro trainer bought one and says it has been the easiest to train he has ever had. We are repeating the litter so we can keep a pup for our bloodline. Two outstanding line bred lines from each side of the Atlantic coming together will produce outstanding puppies with the complete package. Glenbriar Roisin(pronounced Rossheen) was bred March 14, 2014 to HR/ GMPR Swift Creek's Wanna Dip SH/UFTA CH/ BDC 2010 National Amateur Champion(Cope) . Rosie was sired by a 2 time National Field Trial Champion and comes from one of the oldest true line bred lines of Labradors left in the world and the line points as well! This line has produced 8 NFC's directly and well over 100 field trial winners or champions. Rosie is OFA Good, eye CERF is current, PRA clear, EIC clear and weighs 52 pounds. She has the complete package of natural traits and skills that a Labrador should have and has been an absolute natural to train. She has excellent drive, and is outstanding on land or in the water. Rosie is a happy girl with a great on/off switch. She takes training like she was already trained and is very calm in the house. She retrieved to hand the first day and every day since without force fetch training. I flew to Ireland to get Rosie in 2007 and have been so pleased with her that I flew back and picked up Glenbriar Primrose, a yellow female in May of 2011. Cope is a great male sired by Hot Tub and out of our Guinevere. Cope has titles from 7 different organizations and also won the 2010 BDC National Amateur Championship as well as the 2010 BDC Amateur of the Year award. In 2012 he won the Pheasants Forever National Tournament as well giving him a third national title. He earned most of his titles in just over one year of competition with only a few months of training and is an absolute machine in the upland field and excellent in the water as well. He has a great natural staunch point with outstanding drive in the field but is a very calm well mannered dog in the house. Cope is OFA excellent, CERF is normal, EIC clear, and weighs about 72 pounds. The litter will undergo the "early neurological stimulation program"("super dog program"). Puppies can be picked up at 7 weeks and shipped at 8 weeks. We currently(4-20-2014) have deposits for one female. Puppies are $1000 plus sales tax of 6.85% and a deposit of $100 will hold your spot in the picking order.
SCL's Lady Hot Tub Aella x GMPR SHR Black Ice's Super Sonic "Scooter" MH QAA litter
Aella was bred July 26, 2013 and whelped her litter Sept. 24, with the pups 7 weeks old Nov.12, 2013. There are 5 males and 3 females. The litter is sold out!
The following link contains photos of the litter:Newest Photos of the Litter link We try to add new photos each week.
Aella was bred July 26th to Scooter for an all yellow pointing Lab repeat litter that should be able to compete at the highest levels while being calm, quiet dogs in the house. Aella is our Guinevere's daughter and sired by GMPR Wannamaker's Hot Tub SH. She is a sister of HR GMPR Swift Creeks Wanna Dip SH ANC 2010 BDC National Amateur Champion & Amateur Dog of the year. We think that Cope has more titles than any Pointing lab in the country and he has 3 national titles and a Dog of the year award as well. Aella is a hunting machine with an outstanding nose and marking ability. She pointed the first upland birds she was put on and is very biddable with a happy disposition. She puts her stuff in her puppies producing HT/ titled dogs by 1 year of age that point as well. One did well in Derby. Scooter is the youngest dog on record to earn his QAA, MPR, GMPR & AKC MH titles and he earned all this 12 months younger than any dog on record.We have bred these lines before with very impressive results and expect this to produce outstanding puppies that will be able to compete at all levels and hunt with the best. Direct Trieven, Supersonic, and Hot Tub lines combined for what should be incredible Pointing Labradors. We kept a fox red male from last year's litter from these two dogs for a stud dog and are totally impressed and satisfied with him. A pro trainer(who trained Scooter) trained another of those pups and said it was an excellent pup that was well ahead of schedule in its training. Aella is a dark yellow female weighing 60# and Scooter is a dark fox red male weighing 65+ #. Scooter is OFA Hips Excellent/Elbows Normal/CERF/CNM/EIC clear. Aella is OFA Hips Good, Elbows Normal,CERF/EIC clear. We are awaiting CMN testing results but fully expect them to be clear as her half brother and sire are clear. Puppies are $1000 with a $100 deposit holding your spot in the picking order. The litter is sold out! Deposits are refundable in the event your choice is not available in the litter and transferable to another litter as well.

If we don't have a litter that suits your needs we would be happy to assist you in finding a pup. We are not a puppy mill and may not have a litter at the time you need to buy a puppy. We know several reputable breeders of exceptional Labradors and provide a free referral service. We want you to own a great pup even if it is not one of ours.

All of our puppies are put through the "early neurological stimulation(Superdog) program". Puppies can be picked up at 7 weeks or shipped after 8 weeks. A $100 deposit is required to reserve your pup. The order in which deposits are received will determine the order in which pups are chosen. We reserve the right to screen clients to assure that our breeding efforts are utilized and that our dogs go to good homes. Please see our puppies page for more about our policies.

While we prefer that you pick up your puppy we do ship pups. Shipping(current airfare, health certificate, crate and $100 airport delivery fee) usually runs about $450 depending on airfare. Puppies will not be shipped until we receive full payment. Missouri sales tax of 6.85% is due on all pups transferred in state.

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