Willie's sire is FC HRCH Watermark's
Texas Welcome MH, SRS winner
HOWDY).  Howdy was the #2 Derby
dog in the Country in 2001, highest point
per trial at 2.95/trial.  He won a minor
stake double header to qualify all age
before 2 years of age and finished his
first open at 2 1/2 years of age.  In
2003 Howdy jammed or placed in seven
of his 1st nine opens.  In 2007 Howdy
won the last SRS event and ran in the
Crown Series.  Howdy is known for
passing his talent to his offspring.  
Hattie is also out of Jazztime lines.  
Her grandfather is CFC, CAFC, AFC
Chugach Hills Jazz's Rascal. Rascal has
produced offsprings with FC, AFC, GMPR
and serveral MH titles.  He was a  
talented dog producing natural pointing
labs.  (
PennHIP 860398 (>90% of all labrador retrievers tested)
OFA hips LR-171049G28M-PI
OFA elbows LR-EL37008M28-PI Normal   
EIC LR-EIC393/41M-VPI Clear/Normal
CERF LR-49371/07-09 No inherited eye disease found
OPTIGEN 08-3310 genotype tested Normal/Clear for PRA
CNM  LR-CNM07-701-M-PIV gentically Normal/Clear
Heart  LR-CA3635/44M/C-VPI  Normal-CARDIOLOGIST
DNA Profile# V526787
MPR RattlinRidge's Bronco Bill MH
FC HRCH Watermark's Texas Welcome
MH      "Howdy"
AKC# SN66683602
OFA# (hips & elbows)
LR-EL 14328M26-PI
CERF# LR25586
Thyd# LR-TH90/39M-PI
CHIC# 9085
2XNAFC-2XCNFC-FC Ebonstars Lean Mac
98,99 CNAFC (blk-by)
AKC# SM93358501
OFA# (hips good)LR-46627G24M-T
CERF# LR-6972/01
'87CNFC-'92CNAFC Waldorf's High Tech
AKC# QE370782
OFA LR-22799-T
Ebonaceae Princess
AKC# QQ397671
OFA LR-21503-T
FC-AFC Gator Pt's Sweet Potatoe Pie
AKC# SN00830705
OFA# (hips-good) LR-58612G24F-T
CERF# LR-10603
CFC-CAFC Pachanga Magnum Force (chlt)
AKC# SF254302
OFA# LR-35856G24M
CERF# LR-6602/92
HRCH Gator Pt's Roc-N-Moon Pie
AKC# SF977119
OFA# LR-45527G24F-T
CPR Kingsland's Have No Mercy MH
AKC# SN81290104
OFA# (hips, elbows,heart)
cardiac# LR-CA2618/61F/C-PI
Wind-Morgan# 1358
CERF# LR-31422/07
CHIC# 12055
CAFC-CF-AFC Chugach Hills Jazz's Rascal
AKC# SF804194
OFA# (hips & elbows)
CERF# LR-4248/98
cardiac# LR-CA11/86M/C
CHIC# 965
OFA# LR-33871
CERF# LR-4249/93
Beavercrest Stukgin Blue GMHR
AKC# SD986846
OFA# LR-22566
Kingsland's Hot 'N' Spicy Girl SH
AKC# SN-483432/04
OFA# (hips & elbows)
CERF# LR-23335/05
CHIC# 2269
Gator Pt Mick Dundee MH (chlt)
AKC# SG047330
OFA# (hips & elbows)
CERF# LR-5139/00
CHIC# 1620
Kingsland Checkmate JH (chlt)
AKC# SN052394/01
OFA# (hips & elbows)
CERF# LR-12166/01
CHIC# 2261
Willie is muscular and
well balanced.  He is
a handsome boy and
weighs around 70-75
lbs. He is out of two
black labs and has a
dark chocolate coat.
He is a joy to work
with and to have in
the house.  He is a
character and
extremely personable.
Willie is tractable.  Has a lot of drive
and desire to retrieve.  He is also a
stylish upland bird hunter, with natural
point.  He is extremely intelligent and
2009 has been a great year for
Willie.  He earned his MPR title this
spring and then ran his first two
AKC Field Trial Qualifying stakes
during the fall which he finished with
a JAM and Reserve JAM.  He is an
exceptionally talented labrador,
extremely versatile.  
Willie jammed in the Derby
spring 2007.  Then went on to
get his Senior Hunter title and
passed two AKC Master Hunt
test summer 2007.  
Willie is an exceptional marker,
eager to please, intellegent, easy
to train, and has a great working
attitude.  He passed his first
two Master Hunter tests by 26
months of age.
2009 Qual
Reserve JAM at TSRC
Willie is unfortunately no longer with us.  His death was
unexpected and frozen semen is extremely limited.  He is greatly
missed.  His talent and personality lives through his progeny.